– Over 60 million
Americans listen to Internet radio each week, a number expected to reach 77
million by 2015, according to a new report from Bridge Ratings.

Of the 60
million, 84% regularly listen to at least five minutes of AM/FM simulcast
streams per week, while 62% regularly listen to at least five minutes of
Internet-only streams per week, such as those offered by Pandora.

The firm
found that AM/FM simulcast streaming generates about 2.5 hours per day of
listening, compared to 1.4 hours per day for Internet-only streams.

questioning streamies who use both AM/FM simulcasts and Internet-only streams,
there is a distinct difference in the reasons for use," said Bridge
Ratings president Dave Van Dyke.

"Internet-only radio streams are perceived
to be more ‘adventurous’ and are better sources of music specialization or
discovery than what terrestrial radio streams provide. One recommendation for
traditional radio coming from this study is to develop alternate streams and
on-demand streams that offer content different from their simulcast versions."

Bridge Ratings predicts that the percentage of streaming listeners for AM/FM
simulcasts and Internet-only streams will reach parity by the end of 2016.


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