New York
– After months of negotiations, some TV networks have agreed to allow Apple (NASD: AAPL) to
cut the price of their TV episodes from $1.99 to $1 on the iTunes Store in
connection with the launch of the company’s iPad tablet computer in April, the Financial
Times reported.

The report did not indicate which or how many networks had
agreed to the $1 pricing test for the iTunes Store, which boasts 120 million
active customer accounts.

Apple is also reportedly talking to the networks
about a subscription-based service for TV episodes, which would bundle shows
from different networks in a package costing $30 per month.


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(Financial Times)


  1. Why sell each TV show for $1?!! Doesn’t Apple realize NETFLIX already offers the same shows at $9 for unlimited instant streaming viewing right to a game Console, a laptop, a desktop, etc? Give up on the iPad already…even Bill Gates admits the iPad is not good enough.