Los Angeles
– Google (NASD: GOOG) has shown interest in acquiring Catch Media, the developer of a cloud-based
service that lets consumers access music and other media across a range of
platforms and devices, CNET reported.

Sources with knowledge of the
negotiations told CNET it’s unclear whether they have gone beyond "informal

Founded in 2003, Los Angeles-based Catch has already
licensed tracks from all four major record labels for its service.

company wants to be to digital media what Plus, Cirrus, and ATM networks are to
the banking industry," CNET reported. "Catch has developed a
technology that helps hardware companies and service providers register, track,
route and clear digital media as it moves across different platforms."

Google was also reportedly interested in Lala, the streaming and cloud-based
music storage service that was acquired by Apple in December for about $80 million.


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