– AT&T (NYSE: T) plans to introduce a new femtocell device next month that will allow
mobile phone customers "who live in homes that have coverage
impediments" to route 3G calls and data sessions across a home broadband

The $149 AT&T 3G MicroCell will begin a nationwide roll out in
mid-April, and allow up to 10 phone lines to have access and up to four to
operate simultaneously on the device.

The company is also offering a companion $19.99
per month rate plan that will let customers make unlimited calls through the 3G
MicroCell while at home — without using minutes in their monthly wireless
voice plan.


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  1. Its interesting that an operator would expect the end user to pay for the inefficiencies of their network. Femtocell capability integrated with the triple play gateway like with SFR may be a better option to consider.

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