– In a blow to supporters of "net neutrality," a federal appeals
court ruled on Tuesday that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does
not have authority to regulate the treatment of content running through
broadband networks. Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the FCC who was
appointed by President Obama and formerly worked as a local venture capitalist,
has pledged to force broadband companies to treat all content passing through
their networks on an equal basis.

Large media and Internet companies have been
supportive of "net neutrality," but broadband networks have argued
that they should be able to control the speeds and content that flow through
their networks.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled on Tuesday in
favor of Comcast, saying that the FCC had not been granted the power by
Congress to regulate the broadband networks in such a manner.

The decision
could also affect certain parts of the FCC’s recently announced National
Broadband Plan.


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  1. Prefer freedom over companies deciding which sites you get to see, how fast, and how much you have to pay PER SITE? Better support Net Neutrality then. Glenn Beck is full of it on this one – he’s rooting for the big communication companies over citizens.

  2. The solution is simple change the law but that would mean everyone in the house and senate and his/her entire family tree would have to get something they want for supporting a bill for the people. Between the money-sluts and the power-sluts simple things become impossible.