Los Angeles – Performing rights organizations ASCAP, BMI and
SESAC have signed on to an amicus brief in support of Viacom’s (NYSE: VIA) $1 billion
copyright infringement lawsuit against Google’s (NASD: GOOG) YouTube, the Copyrights and
Campaigns blog reports.

The brief argues that YouTube should not be granted
"safe harbor" from liability for the copyright infringement committed
by its users under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) because it
derives "a financial benefit directly attributable to the infringing
activity, in a case in which the service provider has the right and ability to
control such an activity."

Other parties to the brief included Disney (NYSE: DIS), NBC
Universal (NYSE: GE), Warner Bros. (NYSE: TWX)

Another new amicus brief in the case, from the Washington
Legal Foundation, argues that YouTube should share responsibility for policing
copyright under the DMCA.


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  1. ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC are legal extortion organizations. They are continuously attacking the financial outlet and never the source of the violations. This is just another way that ASCAP is extorting money NOT from the people that are directly violating the copyright infringement act but the vehicle providing these violators the avenue needed to take advantage of the music creators. I wish someone with deep pockets would fight these ATROCIOUS and POISONOUS organizations.