Los Angeles
– As Facebook faces increased scrutiny over its privacy policies and how users
are able to determine which elements of their profiles are seen by others, News
Corp.’s (NYSE: NWS) MySpace yesterday announced a "new, simpler" set of privacy

The company said it has had these changes in the works for some time,
but plans in coming weeks to offer privacy control settings including
"public," "friends only," and "public to anyone 18 or
over," and will set the default to "friends only."

MySpace at its core is about discovery, self expression and sharing, we
understand people might want the option of limiting the sharing of their
information to a select group of friends," MySpace co-president Mike Jones
wrote in a blog post.

"We exist as a platform for our users and, as such,
maintain the interests of our users as a main priority in our business and
product decisions. We respect our users’ desires to balance sharing and
privacy, and never push our users to an uncomfortable privacy position."


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