Mass. –
An estimated 7.6 million media
tablet computers are expected to ship this year, a number expected to grow to
more than 46 million units by 2014, according to a report from market research
firm IDC.

The numbers correspond to a compound annual growth rate of 57.4% for
the media tablet market.

The firm differentiates a "media tablet"
from a "tablet computer" by noting that a media tablet features a
7-inch to 12-inch display and no hardware keyboard.

"IDC expects consumer
demand for media tablets to be strongly driven by the number and variety of
compatible third-party apps for content and services," said IDC’s Susan

"The availability of apps unique to media tablets and that
differentiate the experience of using one compared with a PC or smartphone will
be crucial for driving consumer demand.

"As the category matures and more media
tablet-optimized apps become available, IDC expects that media tablets will
evolve beyond nice-to-have devices and become necessities for many


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