San Francisco – LimeWire, the veteran file-sharing service that
was found guilty of copyright infringement earlier this month, is considering
applying a filter to block copyrighted songs in a last-ditch bid to continue
operating, reported.

"One way to address what the court is
talking about, short of shutting down the network, which I think is
overreaching and drastic, is to filter the network of these files in question,"
LimeWire CEO Zeeshan Zaidi told

"This is a way for us to move
forward in the case."

He added that that LimeWire is currently also in
talks with record labels to license their content to the service.

it to say, we’re talking to all of the major players in the industry to try to
get the licenses we need to get this service off the ground," Zaidi told

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) initially sued
LimeWire in 2006, seeking an injunction and damages of $150,000 per

RIAA spokeswoman Cara Duckworth confirmed to that the
labels "intend to pursue damages" against LimeWire in the current


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