Los Angeles – After a
successful lawsuit against ISP Eircom that resulted in the introduction of a
"three-strikes" policy that disconnects repeat file-swappers, the
Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) has taken legal action to compel the
implementation of similar policies by mobile network operators O2 and 3 Ireland,
according to published reports. The High Court of Ireland last month approved
the legality of a graduated response to curb file-sharing, where a user’s Internet
connection is suspended — for between a week and a year — after repeated
warnings to stop the activity.

Billboard reports that IRMA is also in talks
with local ISPs Vodafone and Meteor on introducing three-strikes, while UPC is
set to challenge the protocol at a High Court hearing next month.

At least one
of the new mobile network targets appears ready to challenge IRMA as well.

is currently reviewing the issue, but does not believe it is legally liable in
relation to illegal filesharing activities that any of its customers might seek
to engage in," the company told the Irish Times.


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