Los Angeles – The federal judge overseeing settlement talks
between Capitol Records and convicted file-swapper Jammie Thomas-Rassett has
appointed a special master to "promote meaningful settlement
discussions," according to the Recording Industry vs. The People blog. The
plaintiffs in the case — labels backed by the Recording Industry Association
of America — will pick up the tab for the special master’s fee of $400 per

Judge Michael Davis in January reduced the amount of damages
Thomas-Rassett must pay from $1.92 million to $54,000.

Soon after, the RIAA
offered to accept payment of $25,000, provided Thomas-Rassett ask Judge Davis
to vacate his reduced damages decision.

Thomas-Rassetts attorneys rejected the
settlement offer, and said in January they would continue to challenge the
constitutionality of even Judge Davis’ reduced damages award.


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