Washington – The U.S.
on Tuesday released its plan to protect intellectual property in the country
and abroad, with Vice President Joe Biden stating alongside Intellectual Property
Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel that, "Piracy is theft, clean and
simple." The Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement was
developed with input from the White House, U.S. Trade Representative, and the Departments
of Homeland Security, Justice, State, Commerce, Agriculture, and Health and
Human Services.

The plan contains more than 30 recommendations, related to both
counterfeiting of physical goods and online piracy and file-sharing, and
addresses piracy both within the U.S., and that which is occurring
on foreign websites.

"We are going to shine a light. If these sites are
operating openly in a country that is not taking action…we can make it very
public and shine a light on rogue actors. It’s the government’s responsibility
to respond," Biden remarked, according to CNET’s coverage.


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