Los Angeles
– TuneCore, a provider of digital distribution services for musical artists,
said on Wednesday that it has added streaming music service Spotify to its
offering. TuneCore and Spotify will host a co-branded landing page linked from
TuneCore to Spotify, which counts over 7 million users. TuneCore has in recent
months expanded its distribution service for artists to include Zune, Mog,
iLike, MySpace Music and Thumbplay.


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  1. It is a relief that Tunecore have finally started distributing to Spotify, it means more competition and will ultimately result in even cheaper access for unsigned artists.

    At Ditto Music we have been distributing to Spotify for nearly 18 months now and have a fantastic structure in place and a great Relationship with the Spotify guys that has helped our artists gain some fantastic promotion. We have also managed to charge just 30p per track.

    So my question to Tunecore is WHY have they entered the game so late? Is it because it has only just become available to their US clients and there was not enough revenue in them offering the service before?

    At Ditto Music we have already started offering even newer sites like we7, Sky Songs and mflow which are having fantastic success for our artists. Are Tunecore going to wait a year to offer these to their clients as well?

    We shall see


  2. As usual ditto is on the attack, as a tunecore artist i am happy that they have joined with spotify, why have they done it now? well from what i know they have been talking for over 9 months and tunecore would not work with spotify until a good deal was in place for their artists, so maybe they now have a good deal in place , i await to see, but it is unlikely that i will put my music their, i have spoken to artists that after hundreds of thousands of play only recieve a few dollars for there music being played, Spotify is only good for major label artists, for the rest of us they pay a pittance. so i say die spotify die die.

  3. I think the guy from Ditto has a point.
    Tunecore have got the same deal for their artists that everyone else had 12 months ago, and they are clearly keen now that Spotify is launching in the US and it makes economic sense.
    If i had been given the option 12 months ago i may have stayed with Tunecore , but Peter Wells pitiful explination on the forums ( He asked several times what Spotify actually was… ) meant that i changed distributors and am now much happier than i was at Tunecore.
    There are so many more sites out there than the ones they do

    412 Boyz