Palo Alto, Calif. – Facebook on Wednesday launched a
simplified set of privacy controls for users of games and other third-party
applications and websites on the social network.

First announced last year as
part of its work with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner in Canada, the new
permissions box will pop up whenever a user first installs a new application,
or first logs in to an external site via a Facebook account.

The settings now
provide users with more granular control over which personal information may be
accessed by third-party applications and sites.

Users can limit sharing to just
"basic information" — name, profile pictures, gender, networks, user
ID, list of friends and other data shared with "everyone" — or expand access to include a user’s own photos and videos, or to friends’ information, such
as birthdays and photos.

"These improvements reflect two core Facebook
beliefs: first, your data belongs to you; second, it should be easy to control
what you share," Facebook CTO Bret Taylor wrote in a post on the company’s

"If at any point you ask a developer to remove the data you’ve
granted them access to, we require that that they delete this information."

The changes to applications permissions on Facebook come a month after the
company revamped its main privacy control settings.


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