Rockville, Md. – A recent survey of Apple (NASD: AAPL) iPhone 4 owners found
that, despite criticism over the device’s antenna, 72% of owners say they’re
"very satisfied" with their purchases.

Conducted by market research
firm ChangeWave, the survey of 213 iPhone 4 owners found an additional 21% said
they are "somewhat satisfied" with the iPhone 4.

One-third of iPhone
4 owners said the device "exceeds" their expectations, while 50% said
it "meets" expectations.

In the wake of an issue with the iPhone 4’s
antenna that compelled Apple to offer free bumper cases to remedy reception
problems, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they haven’t experienced any
problems, and 14% said it "wasn’t much of a problem."

One in five
(14%) called the antenna issue "somewhat of a problem," while 7%
described it as a "very big problem."

Some 73% said they were
"very" or "somewhat" satisfied with Apple’s bumper case
remedy, while 18% said they were still "very" or "somewhat"

"Despite the waves of controversy that surrounded the iPhone
4 within days of its launch, the latest Apple release is outperforming almost
every other smart phone in the industry in terms of overall customer
satisfaction and meeting owners’ expectations," writes Paul Carton
ChangeWave’s vice president of research.

"While one-in-five iPhone 4
owners do say the antenna has caused them problems, by an overwhelming margin
they are satisfied with Apple’s solution."


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  1. “One in five (14%) called the antenna issue “somewhat of a problem…”

    Math much?
    One in five would be 20%.
    14% is more accurately reported as “one in seven”.