San Francisco – A group of seventeen state attorneys general has written an
open letter to Craigslist, asking the company to remove its adult services
section, as they say the company is not doing enough to block ads for
prostitution and child trafficking, the Associated Press reported.

Craigslist has the power to stop these ads before they are even
published," Kansas attorney general Steve Six said in a statement.
"Sadly, they are completely unwilling to do so."

Attorneys general
from 40 states first targeted Craigslist in 2008, compelling the company to
require that adult services ad posters provide a working phone number and pay a
listing fee.

In May, the attorney general of Connecticut demanded that
Craigslist provide evidence of its efforts to block ads for prostitution.

hope to work closely with them, as we are with experts at nonprofits and in law
enforcement, to prevent misuse of our site in facilitation of trafficking,"
Craigslist spokeswoman Susan MacTavish Best told AP.


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