San Bruno, Calif. – A Stanford University student who
watched Google (NASD:  GOOG) launch its new "Instant Search" feature and created a
similar search feature for YouTube in just three hours has been offered a job
at the video-sharing site, according to published reports. Just like Google
Instant, the YouTube Instant feature attempts to guess what video users are
searching for as they are typing a search string.

Nineteen-year-old Feross
Aboukhadijeh posted a link to his creation last Thursday, and by Friday had
received the job offer at YouTube, via a Twitter post from CEO Chad Hurley.

"Hey @FreeTheFeross! Loving YouTube Instant…
Want a job? ;)" reads the tweet from Hurley.

Aboukhadijeh is currently
finishing up a summer internship at Facebook, and remarked to CNET that he’d
"like to finish college," but reportedly has a meeting at YouTube


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