Dublin, Ireland – The Irish High Court has ruled that the
country’s laws forbid Internet service providers from suspending access to
alleged file-swappers, the Irish Times reported.

Local ISP UPC filed suit seeking
to block an injunction forcing the company to turn over the identities of
suspected downloaders to the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA), which
represents the major record labels.

The judge additionally said that Ireland’s
laws are not in compliance with European Union laws, which compel member nation
governments to allow for such practices.

"We will now look to the Irish
Government to fully vindicate the constitutional rights of copyright holders
and we reserve the right to seek compensation for the past and continuing
losses from the State," IRMA said in a statement.

It’s unclear what impact
the ruling will have on fellow Irish ISP Eircom, which made a deal with IRMA to
provide the identities of alleged file-swappers and to suspend the accounts of
repeat offenders.


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