New York – Media Coalition, an association established in
1973 to defend First Amendment rights with regard to media, on Monday filed a
friend of the court brief urging the Supreme Court to uphold a ruling that
struck down a California law banning the sale of violent video games to minors.

Party to the brief were Media Coalition members the American Booksellers
Foundation for Free Expression, Association of American Publishers, Freedom to
Read Foundation, National Association of Recording Merchandisers, and Recording
Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Also joining were industry groups the Association
of National Advertisers, Amusement & Music Operators Association, PEN
Center USA, and The Recording Academy.

The law in question was passed in 2005
but blocked by a federal judge before it ever took effect. It would have
required retailers to prohibit sales of certain violent games to minors, and
also compelled game makers to include warning labels on their products.

court found the ban to be unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds; California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appealed the case to the Supreme Court.

Coalition also filed amicus briefs in similar challenges to video game sales
laws in other states.


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