New York – Two new publishing surveys predict rapid revenue growth for mobile apps in the next few years. According to Folio, one of the surveys show that most publishers, however, are rejecting the switch to an all-digital format and only 19 percent are happy with Apple’s model.

In the second annual "Going Mobile" survey from the Audit Bureau of Circulations and ABC Interactive, one of the more interesting findings is that 37 percent of respondents say they expect mobile to significantly impact
their revenue in just two years. However, 78 percent of respondents
disagreed that their publications would be delivered in digital-only
format within the next five years.

The other report report
from mobile ad network Millennial Media, e-media conference producer
DIGIDAY and financial services company Stifel Nicolaus, found that 31
percent of publishers surveyed expect their applications to increase 100
percent or more in 2011, with another 17 percent expecting an increase
of 50 percent or more.

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  1. The publishing industry wants’ to be taken down like the music industry has.
    Get with the program paper books are history. Sell legal downloads at a reasonable price or risk getting paid nothing and all you work getting pirated.
    The music retail stores are gone the book publishing industry is next.