Washington – The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has
filed a complaint against a company it alleges illegally fired an employee for
criticizing her supervisor on Facebook. In the first such complaint of its kind
from the NLRB, the agency alleges that Connecticut-based ambulance service
American Media Response illegally terminated an employee who posted negative
remarks about her supervisor on her personal Facebook page.

It also alleges the
company illegally denied the employee union representation during an
investigatory interview, and "maintained and enforced an overly broad
blogging and internet posting policy."

The NLRB argues that the Facebook
postings constituted "protected concerted activity."

For its part,
the company told The Wall Street Journal the employee in question was fired
based on "multiple, serious complaints about her behavior," including
unrelated personal attacks against a coworker on Facebook.

A hearing on the
matter is scheduled for Jan. 25, 2011.



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