Cambridge, Mass. – The U.S. e-book market will reach $966
million in consumer sales this year, and is set to nearly triple to almost $3
billion by 2015, according to a report from market research firm Forrester

The firm found that just 7% of online adults who read books currently
read e-books.

Of these, the average e-book reader is consuming 41% of their
books in digital form — despite the fact that nearly half of this number does not yet own an e-book
reader device.

Among U.S. consumers who own an Amazon Kindle or other e-book
reader, 66% of books are read digitally.

"At that size and higher, not
only do publishers need to take digital seriously, they must make it the new
default for publishing, preparing for a day in which physical book publishing
is an adjunct activity that supports the digital publishing business,"
said Forrester’s James McQuivey.


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