Palo Alto, Calif. – Republicans are far outpacing their
Democratic counterparts when it comes to effectively using Twitter, according
to a newly released list of the 100 Most Influential Members of Congress on
Twitter, compiled by HP Labs.

Though Democrat Nancy Pelosi of California topped
the rankings, 70 of the top 100 were Republicans.

And of the 86 engaged in a
campaign during the recent midterm elections, 79 won and only seven lost. To
come up with the list, researchers analyzed 22 million tweets, developing an
algorithm to automatically identify particularly influential users.

based "influence" on users’ engagement with the network, rather than
on their sheer number of followers or retweets.

"In short, influential
users are those that are best at inspiring their followers to overcome their
predisposition to remain passive," the company said.

The complete list is
at the link below.


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