Hampshire, U.K. – Mobile games revenue will surpass $11
billion by 2015, nearly double the $6 billion generated in 2009, according to a
report from market research firm Juniper Research.

Revenue from in-game purchases
— fueled in part by Apple’s in-app billing mechanism — is expected to
overtake the traditional pay-per-download model as the primary model for
monetizing mobile games by 2013.

The report notes that more mobile games are
now being offered for free, aiming to generate revenue through in-game
purchases like extra gaming levels or gameplay items.

Juniper adds that
discoverability remains a problem for developers.

"Discoverability can be
a ‘chicken and egg’ problem: high downloads lead to prominence, but achieving a
high number of downloads is largely dependent on already being prominent,"
said Juniper analyst Daniel Ashdown.

"Consequently, a small minority of
games achieve very high downloads, whilst the vast majority achieve very small
download figures."


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