Washington – The chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) on Wednesday laid out his proposal for "preserving
Internet freedom and openness," which includes a ban on the blocking of
lawful content, services or devices by Internet service providers. "No
central authority, public or private, should have the power to pick which ideas
or companies win or lose on the Internet; that’s the role of the market and the
marketplace of ideas," said FCC chair Julius Genachowski.

called for ISPs to provide meaningful transparency to consumers on how they
manage their networks, while maintaining a right to manage traffic on their
networks and impose "usage-based pricing" on consumers.

The FCC will
decide later this month whether to adopt the framework laid out by Genachowski,
who said his proposal has received support from "leading Internet and
technology companies, founders and investors; broadband providers; consumer and
public interest groups, civil rights organizations, and unions."



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