Hamburg – A regional court in Hamburg, Germany has ordered
file hosting and digital locker service RapidShare to pay a nearly $200,000
fine, for breaching an earlier injunction demanding it remove 150 e-books from
its service, TorrentFreak reported.

RapidShare was sued in February by a group
of publishers that included McGraw-Hill, Pearson and Elsevier for hosting
unauthorized copies of their e-books, which had been uploaded by RapidShare

The court ordered RapidShare to remove the titles in question, or else
face fines — and has now imposed a fine, as most of the titles remained
available on RapidShare.

Interestingly, a different German court earlier this
year overturned an injunction that would have compelled RapidShare to install a
keyword filter to block copyrighted material from being shared.


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