Berlin – Authorities in Germany have charged two young
hackers with breaking into the personal computers of Lady Gaga, Justin
Timberlake and other artists and stealing unreleased songs which they then sold
online, the Associated Press reported. An 18-year-old, dubbed Deniz A. in
German media, and a 23-year-old accomplice reportedly used a Trojan that gave
them access to the artists’ computers undetected for some 12 months.

The pair
are said to have garnered over $13,000 from sales of the pilfered songs, which
AP said forced the advanced release of several singles.

Along with Lady Gaga
and Timberlake, the hacking also targeted artists Kelly Clarkson and Ke$ha, and
reportedly included an incident where a "sexually compromising photo"
of one of the artists in question was used to blackmail her, a German
prosecutor told AP.

The accused face up to five years in prison and large fines
if convicted.


Photo of Lady Gaga by Flickr user Asthma Helper

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  1. Great well I hope these young assholes get some major fines and some good jail time. $13,000? they’re that smart on computer and fucked up their lives for that small sum. could have made millions legitimately. Young and stupid yes, but its about time the kids realized that creative copyright is not theirs for the taking when people spend thousands per track making those songs.
    Those of us in the music industry have had entire careers as engineers, producers, publicists, you name it…stolen, jobs gone, careers over.
    Fuck you who think music is free…go write a song right now that’s magical and brings joy to peoples hearts. can u make the magic? yes its priceless but musicians got to eat. and it costs lots to record correctly. and try learning your instrument practicing for years because you love it and then have people expect your songs to be free. Fuck U kids, enjoy jail.

  2. Haha, that’s funny to read. Well I think they should work for the BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst), the german NSA.
    They should give them medals for doing so!

    Anyway, guys, check out this block regarding the matter of annuity insurrance.

  3. Those german kids should not be in jail for doing that. They should cooperate with Google or NASA. Anyway I don’t like Gaga’s outrageous style.