Los Angeles – High Resolution Technologies (HRT), a high-end audio company specializing in USB-based audio devices, announced the introduction of the iStreamer, which allows users to connect iPads, iPhones or iPods to home entertainment systems. The company is positioning the iStreamer as a way for consumers to enjoy CD-quality sound while storing music on the iPad, iPhone or iPod. HRT focuses on designing and manufacturing components that deliver high quality sound through digital devices.

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  1. SO psyched to see this here (being a music fiend and sound buff) – as the iStreamer is the first of its kind: It’s Apple Certified – Made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad), and provides a high quality DAC (digital-to-analog converter) for iDevices! It’s also just $199 I see. This is the PERFECT bridge product.

    This is like the Wadia iTransport, except the Wadia just gave audiophiles access to the digital data-stream off their ipods (also Apple Certified) and allowed them to use their own existing DACs (something the audiophile world caught onto years ago, using outboard DACs in digital systems).

    What a deal! All you need is this, your iPad, and a pair of powered speakers! Thats innovation

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