Tokyo – Sony (NYSE:  SNE) Computer Entertainment on Thursday introduced
the NGP, the second iteration of its PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld game
system, which will be released at the end of the year. The device features a
5-inch multitouch OLED display, front and rear cameras, and both Wi-Fi and 3G
connectivity, with a location-based service called Near that will find friends
and players in the vicinity.

It also sports a gyroscope, accelerometer and
electronic compass.

Sony has developed a new proprietary game medium for the
NGP, a "small flash memory based card," which can save game data, and
said 80 developers and publishers are working on titles for the platform.

company also announced PlayStation Suite, a new line of games designed
especially for Google’s Android platform for mobile devices, which will also be
compatible on the NGP.

Sony said it will begin porting original PlayStation
games to the new platform this year.



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  1. Just a flashier version of the PSPgo, and still the same problems. Until they stop changing the media storage devices, I won’t buy.

    What do us gamers do with the now defunct Memory Stick Pro Duos that we have?

    If they take back the UMDs that we had to buy for the 3000 and reimburse us, then I’m game for the new PSP, until then, I won’t buy.

    Sony has failed on multiple promises in the last few years.

    -UMD (one of the worst devices created)
    -Memory Stick Pro Duo (defunct)
    -Ability to use the PSP monitor in PS3 games (never fully realized)
    -New PS3 versions lacking PS1 support (I have many PS1 titles that I still love to play like Diablo)
    -No Dual Shock Controllers for almost 2 years after the launch of the PS3 (Massive Fail)
    -650 dollars for a PS3 with a faulty Graphics card and 170 to replace it after warranty voided.

    It damn near took Sony 3 years to get a good game for the PS3 that wasn’t a Sony developed title.

    And I want a replacement analog stick for my 3000, damn thing always fell off.