Dublin – One-third of adults in both the U.S. and U.K. play
games on mobile phones, according to a survey conducted by Information
Solutions Group on behalf of PopCap, a publisher of casual video games.

In the
U.K., 73% of those surveyed said they had played a mobile game at least once,
compared to 44% of U.S. respondents.

Overall, 33.6% of all adults in the U.S.
and U.K. said they had played a mobile game in the past month, while 24.6% said
they’d played in the past week.

Of mobile phone gamers who own a smartphone,
83% had played a mobile game in the past week.

"As more people purchase
smartphones and the entire process of finding, purchasing and playing mobile
games becomes as simple as browsing the internet, the mobile games market is
going to accelerate even more." said Dennis Ryan, executive vice president
of worldwide publishing at PopCap — which says it derives nearly a third of
its revenues from sales of mobile games.


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