Beverly Hills, Calif. – Netflix (NASD: NFLX) has announced a deal with
film and TV studio Lionsgate to offer the first four seasons of the AMC series
"Mad Man" on its Instant Streaming service. Starting July 27, U.S.
Netflix members will gain access to episodes from the first four seasons of the
series; under a separate deal, "Mad Men" episodes are available for
streaming by Netflix subscribers in Canada.

Lionsgate last week said it signed
a new three-year deal with creator Matthen Weiner for a fifth and sixth season
of the show, with the expectation of a seventh season as well.

"We have
ensured ‘Mad Men’s’ value for years to come by layering today’s unique
syndication deal with a leading digital distribution partner on top of last
week’s licensing agreement with AMC," said Lionsgate president and
co-chief operating officer Steve Beeks.

"The innovative structure of our
distribution plan underscores the tremendous value of producing and owning
content in a digital world where demand for content continues to grow and
pathways for reaching consumers continue to diversify."



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