Seattle – (NASD: AMZN) has stated in an email to record labels
that its new Cloud Drive locker service has increased sales at its Amazon MP3
store, while restating its stance that it does not need additional licenses to
operate the service, Billboard reports. "There has also been speculation
that we are looking for licenses for Cloud Drive and Cloud Player," the
e-mail states. "We are not looking for licenses for Cloud Drive or Cloud
Player as they exist today — as no licensees are required."

Player is a media management and play-back application not unlike Windows Media
Player and any number of other media management applications that let customers
manage and play their music. It requires a license from content owners no more
than those applications do. It really is that simple," Amazon continued.

company did note that it may seek to add new features to Cloud Drive that may
require additional licenses, such as "serving different customers with a
single [song] copy."



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