Buffalo, N.Y. – A man who sued Facebook founder Mark
Zuckerberg last year, claiming he invested $1,000 early on and is entitled to
50% of the company, has filed new court documents that cite purported emails
between the two, CNET reported.

Paul Ceglia alleges he hired
Zuckerberg for a software development project in 2003, and at the same time
invested $1,000 in Zuckerberg’s "The Face Book" project — entitling
him to a 50% interest in the company.

In July 2004, Ceglia says Zuckerberg
offered to repay the investment, but adds that by that point in time Zuckerberg had already secured outside
funding from angel investors and was meeting with venture capitalists.

says he never accepted Zuckerberg’s offer of repayment, and alleges their deal entitles
him to a 50% stake in Facebook.


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