Palo Alto, Calif. – Facebook on Monday introduced a new
"Send" button for publishers, which will allow site visitors to share
news articles and other content items with specific friends, Facebook Groups,
or email addresses.

The button will co-exist with the "Like" button,
which launched just over a year ago and by default shares content with all of a
user’s friends on Facebook.

"Say you’re on Orbitz and want to tell your
roommates about a great idea for a summer vacation, or you come across a
Huffington Post article that you only want to share with people at work,"
Facebook Groups engineer Elliot Lynde wrote on the company’s blog.

the new Send button, now you can share things with any of your Groups or
individual friends on Facebook."

The company noted that since the launch
of its Groups feature six months ago, users have created over 50 million Groups
on Facebook.


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