London — Sony Ericsson released its quarterly earnings Friday morning, revealing a $70.7 million net loss for its second quarter of 2011.

After the Japan earthquake, millions were left without homes and many companies were forced to rebuild their infrastructure. Sony Ericsson was among those severely affected. The London-based company Friday blamed its portfolio’s 1.5 million lost units on the impact and constraints of the disaster.

“Had it not been for the earthquake and the supply chain constraints we would have shipped 1.5 million more units and we would have been profitable during the second quarter,” Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg told Dow Jones Newswires.

Although the company experienced a 31 percent drop in their mobile phones this quarter, sales of Sony Ericsson’s Experia smartphone series was up 150 percent from 2010 — the company’s smartphones accounting for 70 percent of all sales during the quarter.

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