San Jose, Calif. — PayPal announced today that more than 12 million unique users pay for games on Facebook each month via digital payment.

As VentureBeat first reported, 40 percent of adults play online games with more than 70 percent of them being PayPal customers according to PayPal. The company further said that nearly 1.6 percent of the 750 million users on Facebook use digital payments to play games such as Cityville, Potty Wars and others.

“The growth of PayPal in games was organic, and now there are more and more ways to pay for goods online,” said Carey Kolaja, senior director of emerging opportunities at PayPal, who noted the dramatic increase of social gaming over the past couple of years.

The company also observed that of the 12 million monthly Facebook game players, more of them prefer to pay for such things as bundles of currency rather than tiny incremental items.

“In massively multiplayer online games, the number of paying gamers keeps going up,” Kolaja said. “The perception about digital goods is that they lead to micro transactions, which are small. But the average purchase for a paying user is in the mid-20s (in dollars). It is on a positive trajectory.”

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