Apple has cracked the door open on iCloud by opening the web interface for developers. The site is still very much in beta, but it has enough functionality in these early days to get a glimpse of what Apple has planned.

Pricing has been revealed, too. The first consumer iCloud will be included with Apple’s iOS 5 later this year, and the first 5GB of storage will be free. After that, it will cost an annual fee of $20 for 10GB, $40 for 20GB and $100 for 50GB.

Developers can get access to the new web apps for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, iCloud for Pages, iWork, Find My iPhone and other features. It’s unclear who is eligible to use the site, however, since many bloggers report differing experiences.

AppleInsider reports the iCloud login page is also available from iOS mobile devices, “suggesting that Apple will finally make its web-based apps accessible from devices,” but notes that “MobileMe Web apps are currently blocked from iOS mobile users, apparently because Apple’s mobile browser does not support the ‘real web’ well enough to work acceptably with them.”  Obviously, Android users are also blocked.

Writer Rafael Fischmann has posted a photo gallery of how iCloud currently looks on the Brazilian MacMagazine blog, along with a walk-through for those who can read Portuguese.

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