Amazon announced that they have a first single book title to sell a million Kindle copies, a milestone it reached with the help of nationwide promotions for the Dreamworks hit movie it spawned.

The Help, the 2009 novel by Kathryn Stockett, sold over one million e-book downloads on Amazon’s Kindle platform. Stockett’s novel is the first book the author has ever written, although obviously she now has plans to write others and hopes for another success.

Amazon also asserts it’s the first e-book to reach a million sales that isn’t part of a franchise and wasn’t written by an author with an established track record.  Random House claimed the first million-selling e-book milestone back in April with Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, the original movie version of which was released in 2009.  An English language film version of Larsson’s book, produced by David Fincher,  is scheduled for release in 2011 (see trailer, below) and undoubtedly will push the e-book sales back into the upper reaches of the charts.

Other authors who have sold over one million e-books include Nora Roberts, James Patterson, John Lock, Suzanne Collins and others.

Since Stockett’s book release, The Help has sold over five million copies.

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Still photo from The Help courtesy of Dreamworks. (Paid Content) (Indie Wire)