Milyoni, whose mission is to convert Facebook fans into customers, has put together an online horror film festival especially for Halloween. Fans can rent the movies and watch simultaneously with Facebook friends who can share the experience without knowing you’re too scared to turn the lights off.

Each rental costs 30-40 Facebook Credits ($3-$4). The fright night titles include: Saw, the 2004 indie gore fest; Blair Witch Project, the eerie tale that inspired a scary number of bad social media marketing campaigns; The Orphan Killer, in which sociopath takes revenge for his bad childhood; Red Riding Hood, a visually lush reimagining of the tale with great cast led by Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried; Leprechaun, which proves to Jennifer Aniston that movies never drop off the bottom of your resume; and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Night, a stylish thriller made more haunting by knowing the real-world future for Joker actor Heath Ledger (pictured).

Also included is The Perfect House, a fright flick about things the Realtor neglected to disclose, which was made especially to be shown on Facebook and can be purchased for 50 Facebook Credits ($5).

“Milyoni offers an unmatched social experience for movie lovers on Facebook,” said Kris Hulbert, executive producer of The Perfect House. “Thanks to Social Cinema, terrified fans don’t need to brave the movie alone. They can spread their fear and excitement by sharing clips, quotes, and comments all while watching the movie from the convenience of their own home or mobile device.”

Milyoni’s Social Cinema technology allows Facebook fans to watch movies with a shared and interactive experience. Viewers can add comments to specific moments, share a clip with a friend, watch together with a group (up to five people can watch the same film from different places and get a discount), or privately enjoy the movie without blasting everyone else on Facebook.

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