Ubisoft is making a further commitment to Facebook games based on top-rated television programs. It announced three new titles that license the intellectual properties House M.D., NCIS and CSI: Miami, which will be developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, Method and Ubisoft San Francisco.

Additionally, Ubisoft will announce Facebook games that license CSI: New York and NCIS: Los Angeles in the near future.

“Ubisoft continues to focus on delivering a diverse portfolio of quality content across all platforms to please our fans,” said Stephanie Perotti, worldwide director of Casual and Online Studios, Ubisoft. “We’re giving more fans new ways of being a part of and sharing in their favorite fictional worlds.”

She added that Ubisoft’s existing Facebook titles based on television licenses, The Smurfs & Co. and CSI: Crime City, have done very well for the company.

House M.D.: Critical Cases will launch in 2011 but in Ubisoft’s fiscal 2012. Players and their friends can join Dr. House and his team to screen and diagnose patients with puzzling, life-threatening symptoms who have been admitted to the program’s Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital

NCIS: Major Crimes puts players in the role of a junior investigator, known as a Probie, working alongside cast members in Abby’s lab and other familiar locations. They can also form “field teams” with their friends to help investigate dramatic murders, terrorist plots and international intrigue when the game launches in 2012.

CSI: Miami will let players join with their friends to build up their laboratories and analyze clues to solve crimes in the sun-drenched environs of the title, even if they can’t try on Horatio Caine’s sunglasses.

NCIS: Major Crimes and CSI: Miami are licensed from CBS Consumer Products. House M.D. is licensed by NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products Group.

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