Music Mastermind has launched the “First Look” version of its flagship property Zya, a music creation and social platform that enables users to legally incorporate and manipulate famous hooks into their own creations. The company was co-founded by Matt Serletic, former Virgin Records chairman and chief executive, and Bo Bazylevsky, former global head of Emerging Markets Corporate Trading at J.P. Morgan, and in May secured $10.8 million in Series B funding led by Intel Capital and Liberty Global.

No musical experience is necessary. Zya provides guidance via a 3D environment that includes Zya Characters (pictured), each representing a different musical genre, and tools for enhancing and transforming users’ voices, creating new beats, and other features of the process.

Three of the four major music publishing companies and several of the largest independent publishers have partnered with Music Mastermind on the licenses required to include the recognizable bits from well-known songs.

Zya uses IBM’s Smart Business cloud service. In addition to its website, Music Mastermind has a deal with HP for Zya to come pre-installed on select models of HP computers, netbooks and laptops.

“Our goal with Zya is to empower people worldwide to explore and play with music,” Serletic said. “Zya is about unleashing creative potential, no matter your past musical experience. It will be exciting to see what great songs and artists emerge with Zya. The potential is limitless.”

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