Scaredy Squirrel, having previously scampered off the pages of best-selling books and onto Nickelodeon television screens, now has leapt up into digital and interactive formats as a result of a partnership between Corus Entertainment’s Kids Can Press and Open Road Integrated Media. Kids Can Press has released the first Scaredy Squirrel iPhone game app, too.

The e-book versions of Scaredy Squirrel and Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend, from the books that have sold over 1 million copies in dead tree versions, enable young readers to “turn the pages” as the read-along audio highlights each word when the narrator reads it. There also are multiple opportunities to trigger animation and sounds by pressing the relevant item on the touch screen. The e-books are available in multiple formats.

Among the things that worry Scaredy Squirrel are germs, green Martians, killer bees, tarantulas, poison ivy, sharks, walruses, rabbits, beavers, piranhas and Godzilla. And germs. It bears repeating, because he just can’t be too prepared for germs. His humorous adventures revolve around avoiding and/or preparing to encounter these and other fears.

The iPhone game app, Scaredy SOS, is designed so pre-schoolers can challenge their own fears while they help Scaredy Squirrel prepare for and overcome his multitude of things that make him a Scaredy Squirrel.

Created by Montreal children’s book author and illustrator Melanie Watt, Scaredy Squirrel quickly became one of Kids Can Press’ most popular series.

“We’re delighted to be bringing Scaredy Squirrel to readers in a variety of formats,” said Lisa Lyons, president, Kids Can Press. “These new platforms are second nature to children and allow them to learn and experience their favorite stories in new ways, enjoyed anywhere, anytime.”

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