Time is running out to submit ideas for the second midem hack day, an event that will give participants 48 hours to come up with new applications for the music industry.

The call for ideas closes on Jan. 4, and is open to all midem participants – artists, labels, managers or others – who want to suggest something tech they’d like someone to develop.

Up to 20 of the submissions will be chosen by the Music Hack Day organizers. Whoever generated the idea will outline their thoughts ideas in person to the developers during the opening session on Jan. 28, after which the developers have until Jan. 30 to make that dream into a reality.

“Music Hack Day has created an open sandbox and playground for developers to prototype and build new music apps using an array of new platforms, APIs and technology,” said Dave Haynes, one of the organizers. “Now, midem hack day provides the perfect bridge between these events and the wider international music industry. By providing support and ideas to Music Hack Day, the industry can experiment with new ways for fans to discover, consume and interact with music, creating essential new opportunities for the future.”

Ten apps were invented during the 2011 event, including the foundation of the SoundCloud Labs site Takes Questions, which became commercially available shortly after midem. Inspired by a concept from singer/songwriter Imogen Heap, Takes Questions is a response to artists’ wish to communicate directly with their fans.

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Photo by Flickr user Collin Allen, used under Creative Commons license