Here’s more fun with Super Bowl online statistics, this time courtesy of Yahoo Buzz. Overall, it reports receiving 50 percent more search requests for New England Patriots than for New York Giants.

It further analyzed the billions of queries Yahoo handles each month and determined that searches for “Super Bowl tickets” were predominantly from men (79 percent). But oddly, they were mostly from Rhode Island – the game’s location of Indiana came second, followed by Connecticut, New Hampshire and New Mexico, in that order.

Among the other statistics culled from search resu <br>lts, Eli Manning has received slightly more searches on Yahoo than Tom Brady since the post-season play has begun. That compares to during the regular season, when Brady got four times the number of searches as Manning. Of course there’s no way of knowing whether those searchers were interested in football, Brady’s relationship with supermodel Gisele Bundchen, his sponsorship deals, or just to see how blue his eyes really are. Yahoo did say, however, that searches this month for “Tom Brady and Gisele photos” are up 397 percent and searches for “Tom Brady baby” are up 1,109 percent.

Manning gets his share of interest in his love life, though. Searches this month “Eli Manning girlfriend” are up 1,201 percent and searches for “Eli Manning wedding” are up 308 percent this month.

Yahoo also shared some of this year’s most searched questions, and helpfully provided the answers:

Q: What time is the Super Bowl?

A: 6:30 p.m. EST (kickoff)

Q: When is the Super Bowl 2012?

A: Sunday, February 5, 2012

Q: Who is playing in the Super Bowl 2012?

A: New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

Q: Who will win Super Bowl 2012?

A: We’ll just have to wait and see!

Q: Where is Super Bowl 2012?

A: Lucas Oil Stadium; Indianapolis, IN

Q: Who is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl?

A: Kelly Clarkson

Q: Who has the most Super Bowl wins?

A: Although they aren’t playing in this year’s matchup, the Pittsburgh Steelers carry the record for the most wins (6 total).

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