In a move reminiscent of texting an old girlfriend, Netflix said it was reintroducing a DVD-only plan. It also managed to confuse some customers, who correctly thought they already had a DVD-only plan.

What Netflix actually did was unbury the DVD-only plan information, simplify the process of signing up for that plan, and bring back the dvd.Netflix URL. It also stopped trying to force new subscribers to try out the streaming service.

Even so, the note it shared with customers read: “Starting today, our DVD and Blu-ray loving audience can now easily sign up for a DVD only plan. Starting at just $7.99/month, you can enjoy around 100,000 titles on DVD.”

Several hours later, Netflix posted a note in the comments section of its blog “clarifying” what it meant. “As some astute people here have pointed out, there’s nothing really new indeed,” it read. “DVD only plans existed already, we’ve just made it easier to sign up for them for those that want to.”

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  1. Netflix always manages to confuse with their odd blog post announcements. What I think is really confusing is that they say streaming is the future of the company and that they are fazing out their DVD service but their DVD library is considerably larger than their streaming library. If they really want to get rid of the DVD service, they should find an adequate replacement. Streaming is easier and more convenient so customers would be more likely to pick it up if they could get the movies they want through it. I had Netflix’s streaming service for a while and cancelled when I realized I could never find exactly what I was looking for. Now I have get Blockbuster @Home through my employer, DISH, and love it. I almost always find what I’m looking for and I get to watch new movies. Netflix should take a hint from DISH.