George Harrison was born on February 25, and one of his favorite guitars was a Gibson Les Paul nicknamed “Lucy.” If you knew that already, you’re probably going to want The Guitar Collection: George Harrison, a new iPad app by Bandwidth Publishing in conjunction with the George Harrison Estate.

As the title indicates, the $9.99 app is a guitar geek look at the former Beatle’s private collection, with photographs, detailed descriptions, and audio and video footage. Other videos show Ben Harper, Josh Homme, Mike Campbell and Dhani Harrison – separately – playing and demonstrating each guitar’s feel and tone.

Additional features include Conan O’Brien and Dhani Harrison talking about what makes these guitars exceptional.

But the heart of the app is definitely the guitars themselves. Some of them have recordings of George Harrison introducing them, and seven of them have 360-degree imaging by photographer Steven Sebring that reveal details that probably only he and his roadie previously knew.

Each guitar is documented with its history, origins, and other information, and the songs are organized by the guitars used on each track. And just for fun, the app has a digital postcard option that enables users to share images with friends.

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The George Harrison Guitar Collection from George Harrison on Vimeo.

The Guitar Collection: George Harrison from George Harrison on Vimeo.