Hockey fans can test their in-game predictive powers with a licensed National Hockey League  iPad app from PrePlay Sports. The free NHL PrePlay app is an in-depth second screen experience designed to let fans play along with the televised action, pitting their expertise against everyone else or just against a private circle of friends.

In sync with certain in-game events like faceoffs, power plays and penalty shots, the app opens up a prediction window for a set period of time and invites users to guess what’s going to happen. Those are in addition to six pre-game predictions on the winner and stats like shots on goal for each team and save percentage for each goalie. Since this is hockey, fans also can predict which team will spend the most time in the penalty box.

Users collect points and trophies to simplify bragging and to prove things like who buys the next round.

“Some Pre-Game guesses are scored as the game moves along, most notably the ‘First Goal’ guess and ‘Period Winner’ guess, and some aren’t scored until the game has come to an end,” according to Charlie Scaturro, PrePlay’s director of Content and Community. “Guesses like ‘Winner’ ‘Shots on Goal’ ‘Save %’ and ‘Penalty Minutes’ are all scored upon completion of the game, which makes for a pretty awesome point tally once the game has gone final – a feature our football app doesn’t have.”

Scaturro gives a complete description of the app and how it calculates scores in a blog post on the PrePlay Sports site.

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Photo by Flickr user StanleyCupYosemiteVisit, used under Creative Commons license