The three most-funded Kickstarter projects are games, and two of them were developed using Moai Platform from Zipline Games.

One is Double Fine Adventure, the buzz-worthy adventure game by Double Fine Productions, which in March raised more than $3.3 million. The other is Shadowrun Returns, the revival of the seminal role-playing game in development by Harebrained Schemes, which in April raised about $1.8 million.

Just out of interest, the third is Wasteland 2 from inXile entertainment, a sequel to the post-apolocalypic RPG originally released in 1988.

“We built the first demo of Double Fine Adventure in 2 days using Moai,” said Nathan Martz, technical director at Double Fine Productions, “Gameplay changes take seconds instead of minutes … and because Moai is open source we can change any line of code we need to.”

He added Double Fine Adventure will be available on five different platforms, all of which Moai supports with a single core codebase.

Tim Schafer, CEO of Double Fine Productions, posted a video endorsement of Moai that can be viewed below.

Moai is a scalable cloud platform for game services, downloadable content and persistent data storage that includes an open-source SDK for developing game clients using Lua.

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