Fans going to concerts at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles will see digital kiosks that offer a live recording of the show they can bring home with them, right then and there. The same goes for fans attending the City National Grove of Anaheim, another Nederlander Concerts venue.

The kiosks are Migratory Music’s Ovation Tower, which creates the instant audio souvenirs with assistance from MediaNet, Abbey Road Live, SeePoint Technology, Aderra Media Technologies and YCD Multimedia.

In addition to the live recording, the Ovation Tower distributes promotional content and a general catalog of digital music. On screens along the top, which can be linked together for a larger visual canvas, there’s also a digital advertising opportunity for artists, venue partners and outside vendors.

“Being able to offer concert goers a live recording, immediately following concerts is a great amenity, plus the visual impact that the Towers present at the venues complements the overall experience,” said Rena Wasserman, vice president of Operations for Nederlander Concerts and general manager of The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Ovation live albums cost no more than $20, while other albums are under $15. The Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip will be the next venue to offer Ovation Tower recordings, although the company wouldn’t confirm it.

The technology and rights issues have clearly come a long way since early attempts to sell live recordings right after the encores, like those from Riffage and eMusic Live’s kiosks, since Nederlander has given Ovation Tower prominent placement. It still took a year of in-situ beta testing to secure the Nederlander agreement for a second season.

It’s all a long way from ’70s Bob Dylan fans with a Nagra tape recorder hidden in their duffle coat. And as an added bonus, Ovation Tower is legal, so participating artists actually get paid.

“There is nothing comparable to the experience of a live show. However, few artists issue live recordings and when they do, it’s generally many months after the concert has taken place,” said Ian Murray, president of Migratory Music and inventor of the Ovation Tower platform. “As a music fan and frequent attendee of live events, I found even the best concert experiences broken. With technology a passion of mine, I set out to develop a platform which would broaden the live experience for music fans and provide benefits to artists and multiple facets of the music industry.”

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