Rockify.TV, a music video version of internet radio, went live in public beta today. Viewers can watch their personalized channel using any HTML5-ready browser, or via its native apps for Google Chrome and Boxee.

The small startup already has a deal in place with Austin City Limits to power the show’s Archive iPad app. Rockify says it also has more than 200,000 videos in its library.

Users see a selection determined by charts, music-related social trends, personal favorites and recommendations based on a viewer’s own profile. It also enables users to create playlists of videos to play on demand.

“One day I got pissed off that I couldn’t watch old-school style MTV on my television. I realized that even though I could watch music videos online on Vevo or YouTube, there wasn’t a truly ‘lean back’ experience like the original MTV,” said founder Joel Korpi. “I built Rockify to satisfy my own craving for music videos.”

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